You Need a Self-Check-In Kiosk for Your Medical Practice

3 Reasons Why

In 2020, the landscape of the medical field is changing at a rapid pace. More systems are being automated, new technologies are being introduced every day, but we’ll just cover three today:

1. Reduced Wait Time for Eager Patients

A simple, but often overlooked benefit of a self-check-in kiosk is the massive reduction in wait time for patients. Early adopters have been seeing the benefits almost instantly. A study was done by AON Hewitt Survey to determine how much the average wait time was reduced when self-check-in is implemented.
Atlanta based Thomas Eye Group was chosen to be studied following their implementation of self-check-in kiosks. The results were astonishing:

  • The national average wait time for check-in at medical practices are 25 minutes

  • Thomas Eye Group was able to average 2-minute wait time with the implementation of self-check-in kiosks.

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Minimize Friction 

Streamline the check-in process with the VAULT Counter top Kiosk. Provide ease and save time for both patients and providers. 

2. Free up your administrative staff

There’s nothing worse than a reception staff being stretched thin and having to scramble to bring on more staff. Self-check-in kiosks provide an easy way to free up the reception staff’s workload, without having to hire more people. This allows staff to be able to focus more on the satisfaction of each patient. A survey was conducted by HotDoc in 2017 to look out how patients viewed self-check-in as well as how many work hours are saved from the efficiency of the technology. HotDoc found:

  • 1 in 3 patients prefers self-check-in as opposed to traditional check-in methods.

  • “[A]cross 1 million check-ins, patients updated their personal details more than 63,000 times. That is equivalent to hundreds of staff hours saved.”

Use Space Effectively 

Don't let limited counter space slow down the check-in process. The VAULT Freestanding Kiosk minimizes lines and keeps the check-in process moving in your practice. 


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3. Makes Collecting Payments Even Easier

Self-service kiosks allow patients to pay their balances by the swipe of a card. This is in addition to patients being more easily made aware of any outstanding balances on their account with the practice. Therefore, hospitals and medical practices are now being easily notified as to whether the patient has made payments in regard to their treatment.

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Maximum Flexibility

Provide patients with maximum comfort and convenience with the VAULT Handheld Kiosk. Make check-in easy no matter where the patient is and for those with mobility limitations.

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