COVID-19 Operational Update

Dear Valued Partners, 

As the reach of the COVID-19 outbreak continues to rise, I wanted to update our partners on our status, capabilities, and operational readiness. Our region will be going to a mandatory “stay at home / shelter in place” beginning at 5:00pm EST on March 27, 2020. I can tell you this will have little to no impact on your orders and shipments from VAULT. The only issue we can foresee is an earlier cutoff time for same day shipments from 4:00pm EST to 1:00pm EST.  Please read below for more details on prior and ongoing work to limit and mitigate the effects of this mandate. 

Prior to COVID-19 becoming a term heard around the world, VAULT over the last year has been increasing our supply chain capabilities, implementing redundant systems, creating a virtual environment, and increasing our inventory levels. The explosive growth we’ve seen not just in the U.S. but worldwide brought on this need and has put us in a position today that allows us to function with little impact from issues that arise. While VAULT’s physical office will not be manned,  VAULT is open . Our employees are answering phone calls, supporting our customers, and processing orders. Our engineers are working with our partners to design the latest products and provide updates and feature enhancements on existing ones.  Here is what you should expect from VAULT during this time: 

-  Calls answered during normal business hours 
-  Orders processed with no interruption 
-  Launch of new customer portal allowing direct access to our ERP system for placing orders, checking stock levels, and tracking shipments 

In addition to the items above, we have begun a process of introducing antimicrobial coatings into our product line. We are exploring antimicrobial for our metal and plastic enclosures along with our screen protection line REPEL. REPEL currently has an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating and should be considered for all installations to cut down on “oily” fingerprints, etc that can hold contagions.  As always, should you need any specific assistance you can contact your account manager, Ken Sigmon VP Sales, or myself directly. 


James Cagle 

UPS no longer guarantees express delivery times.

Follow the link the see their official statement.