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Tablets are the go-to point of sale (POS) choice for restaurants, bars, and nightclubs looking to improve restaurant processes and boost sales. However, the hospitality industry can put a lot of wear and tear on your device, shortening the life of your investment. VAULT’s line of tablet enclosures for hospitality delivers the life-extending protection needed for the food and beverage industry.  

Whatever you are serving, VAULT can help.

The hospitality industry chooses VAULT products for their flexibility and durability, which makes them ideal for any type of food service establishment, from football stadium concessions to fine dining restaurants. Our tablet enclosures for hospitality are built not just to look good, but also to be rugged enough to handle the rigors of the restaurant industry.

VAULT PRO Enclosure on Stability Base in Restaurant

Our products are solution-driven with proven results.


VAULT enclosures take consumer-grade tablets like iPads and turn them into commercial-grade devices perfect for any restaurant or bar.


Our tablet enclosures don’t detract from the sleek look of a tablet, making it a compliment to your décor.


Whether you want to make your employees mobile, or need a fixed checkout stand or kiosk, we have the stand and enclosure to fit your needs.


Your brand is everything. That's why we offer custom solutions and branding on all VAULT products.

See how Upserve by Lightspeed leveraged the expertise at VAULT to design and produce an award-winning product.  

Built for the Food and Beverage Business

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Popular tablet enclosures for Restaurants.

VAULT PRO enclosure for iPad with BBPOS Chipper support bracket


Our signature tablet enclosure, Pro sets the bar in the industry for durable, quality iPad POS stands.

VAULT CONNECT iPad enclosure


Go mobile with our Connect tablet enclosure that provides outstanding protection and functionality.

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